My Story

May 2011, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 15 days later I was in surgery and had a mastectomy of my left breast. 3 weeks post-surgery I started 18 weeks of Chemotherapy followed by 10 weeks of Radiation.
The diagnosis of having Breast Cancer threw my life into chaos, I felt well but apparently, I’m not? The reality that life will never be the same? Where do I next? What do I need? So many questions. It was overwhelming!
It was a fortunate series of events that led me to a wonderful team of Specialists at the Mater Hospital in North Sydney to whom I will be eternally grateful.
With surgery looming, I was given a list of requirements for my hospital stay, pyjamas with an Open button front being a priority, that can’t be too difficult? It was!
I was living in the country at the time and had a 6 hour commute every 3 weeks for Chemotherapy but the hardest challenge was leaving my family for 10 weeks of Radiation.
On one of my trips back to Sydney I was thinking of what I would like in my Pyjamas, gentle support for the one breast I had left so I didn’t look lop-sided for myself, my husband and my young children. Simple elegant pj’s that were comfortable, non-crushable, in a natural fibre that was breathable, soft on scar tissue and radiation discomfort and didn’t have characters splashed all over them.
Maybe I should design my own label “Perky Pj’s”.
I moved to Sydney in 2016 and decided that the time was right to pursue my idea. I understand how difficult it is for women after a mastectomy but my Pyjamas are also for all women who want to be “Perky” in their Pjs, feel good and look great!
One of my favourite quotes is from Timber Hawkeye - Nothing has ever happened TO us, It happens FOR us,
For us to learn from, grow from and most importantly move on from.
I want to help other women through my own experience and hope my “Perky Pj’s” brings pleasure at a difficult time. xx Julie